• What Do I Need To Rent A Bay, lift or auto tools?

You need to have experience with repairing cars, need to be at least 18 years old and valid driver license. When you visit the Auto Shop, you need present valid driver license and receipt from our website. Also need  to accept its rules and safety regulations from the Auto Shop.

  • What is the procedure of renting.

You are searching for specific auto shop/auto bay/ in the area, and when you find it, you have to make the reservation and pay for it.  We acceept payment by PayPal and Cards Cards and all payment are secure and will be confirmed immediately. After payment you as customer, and Auto shop/vendor, partner/ do receive confirmation about bookings. Please do appointments 3-4 hours  before desired time.

  • Can i rent an auto bay, auto space, car lift or tools urgently (appointment is for the next 30-60 min) ?

Of course, but please check the working time of the shop, and contact us to see it it available.

  • What type of lift I can rent.

You can rent a lift based on the car you would like to repair/check. Please check what are dimensions of your car, search for locations/auto shops/ who provide lifts and check if this is what you want.

  • Can I rent auto tools, not listed on your website?

Of course. But please contact us, so we can search for them via our partners and provide information you need.




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